When a client reached out for us at Empathy Company with the challenge of bringing incremental improvements to their process in a way that they could get a better engagement from the labor force in the innovation process of the company, we realized the solution would come from a design thinking process.


We chose to build a robot that talks with the factory employees, using cognition, AI and IoT to understand their opinions and transcribe what they said, sending these texts to the innovation team. This way, their ideas could become real projects.

The results were so fantastic that we built a spin off of our company. Moonshot Robots was being born, to develop projects using the concept of artificial consciousness that involves AI, IoT, cognition and other technologies.


We started on the right foot: Moonshot Robots was awarded an immersion program in Canada at the São Paulo Elevator Pitch. We couldn't think of a better place to make this project scale up than Canada, the country with the most advanced innovation center of AI in the world.


our robots



Luna is an interactive robot that was created for Klabin,

Brazil's biggest paper producer, exporter and recycler,

in order to facilitate the communication between Klabin factories' employees and the innovation team.


Based on verbal communication through audio, speech recognition and transcription, Luna serves as an interlocutor for receiving new ideas for innovation and everyday problem-solving from the factory's employees throughout the country.




The Baldinho ("Little Bucket" in Portuguese) was developed for Vedacit, a major chemical manufacturing company in Brazil specialized in waterproofing materials, to take photos of its employees. 

Using the iconic yellow bucket of the company, Baldinho takes photos and exports them to a cloud sharing platform.




Moonshot Robots

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